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  • How Hosting Events at Your Coffee Shop Can Boost Sales

    How Hosting Events at Your Coffee Shop Can Boost Sales

    Since the first coffeehouses were introduced, they’ve been cultural meccas and forums for political and intellectual discourse. Springing up across Enlightenment-era Europe, coffeehouses played a central role in the information exchanges of the writers, politicians, businesspeople and scientists largely credited with ...
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  • How These Non-Traditional PJ’s Locations Serve More than Coffee
    A cup of coffee can play so many different roles in an individual’s life. For some, it’s just part of their morning routine, but for Scott Parker, it’s his chance to offer comfort and support. Scott, a district manager with Aramark, and his team operate three non-traditional PJ’s Coffee locations within medical ...
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  • Why PJ’s is the Perfect Complement to Your Full-Service Restaurant
    Fifteen years ago, limited-service restaurants, including quick-service (QSR) and fast-casual restaurants, made up 47 percent of the total commercial food service industry, while full-service restaurants (FSRs) comprised 53 percent of the industry. In the past several years, however, the landscape has reversed – QSRs ...
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