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  • Why PJ’s is the Perfect Complement to Your Full-Service Restaurant
    Fifteen years ago, limited-service restaurants (LSRs) made up 47 percent of the total commercial food service industry, while full-service restaurants (FSRs) comprised 53 percent of the industry. In the past several years, however, the landscape has reversed – LSRs have now taken the lead, accounting for 53 percent of ...
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  • Ballard Brands: The Company behind PJ’s Coffee

    Ballard Brands: The Company behind PJ’s Coffee

    Founded in 1978, Phyllis Jordan’s namesake PJ’s Coffee brand quickly made a name for itself as one of the original specialty coffee brands. For 30 years, Phyllis was instrumental in bringing the savory taste and experience of New Orleans coffee to the rest of the world. But, as the brand continued to grow, along with ...
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  • Transforming a Passion for Coffee into a Successful Business
    Anthony Satterlee started his career waking up in the small hours of the morning to put on his barista apron and brew PJ’s coffee to serve the River Ridge, La., locals. Today, Anthony still wakes up early, but to open his PJ’s franchise location and get the store ready for the morning rush. For years, Anthony worked as ...
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