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  • 2019 Coffee Data Trends Signal Future Success for Gourmet Coffee Franchises
    Your regular cup of Joe just isn’t cutting it anymore. The National Coffee Association’s National Coffee Data Trends market research found 63 percent of Americans drink coffee every day, and 61 percent of all cups of coffee consumed were gourmet. However, that’s just the tip of the steam wand with respect to the ...
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  • PJ’s Coffee Announces Second Annual Veteran Franchise License Giveaway Recipient
    After years of following orders in the U.S. Marine Corps and two different police departments in Louisiana, Bobby Mounts was ready to be his own boss. Franchising, where he could call the shots in his own store while still receiving support, appealed to him. He went with home state-favorite PJ’s Coffee. Or, rather, we ...
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  • How Dairy Alternatives Affect Coffee Shop Franchise Owners’ Bottom Lines
    With more Americans leaning toward consuming plant-based diets , or at least considering it, coffee shops are strategizing how to accommodate the demand for alternatives to cow’s milk. It’s becoming more common for consumers to request their cappuccino or latte be made with a dairy alternative, or add a splash of it to ...
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