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  • 3 Hottest Coffee Industry Trends in 2020

    3 Hottest Coffee Industry Trends in 2020

    The coffee industry is seeing massive growth and it’s not stopping any time soon. Over the next three years, the industry’s revenue is projected to grow annually at a steady 4.2% CAGR . From viral LTOs to evolving customer demands, there are a number of trends driving the industry. At PJ’s Coffee, we are one of the ...
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  • 4 Ways PJ’s Coffee Franchisees Give Back to Their Communities
    Community involvement is important for any business. But at PJ’s Coffee, it’s in our DNA. With deep New Orleans roots, southern hospitality and community are at the core of our brand. Our franchisees are dedicated to engaging with their neighbors, and they help support their communities in numerous heartfelt, creative ...
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