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  • How this Young Family Navigated Opening a Coffee Shop in a Pandemic
    Jack Stanton was born and raised in New Orleans and had grown up with PJ’s Coffee. “My older sister introduced me to it, probably at a far earlier age than I should’ve been introduced to it,” joked Jack. Since Jack grew up with the brand, he’s always been comfortable with the product, but it wasn’t until we revealed ...
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  • PJ’s Coffee Plans to Build on Strong 2019 Franchise Growth in 2020 and Beyond
    2019 was an exciting, momentous year for all of us at PJ’s Coffee. With steady franchise growth including new franchises awarded and new locations opened, we laid a strong foundation for continued expansion in 2020. In addition to strong franchise growth, we were recognized among our peers in the franchise industry on ...
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  • How This Husband and Wife Team Found Success as PJ’s Coffee Franchisees
    Before they would become married, Terri and Charlie Sampey first met as employee and customer. Terri worked in her father's automotive parts business, Herzog's Automotive Parts, Inc., where Charlie was a customer. The two went on to get married and begin working together when Terri’s father hired Charlie to work for ...
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