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  • Military Veteran Franchise License Giveaway Recipient Launches his Coffee Franchise
    At PJ’s Coffee, we’re dedicated to showing our appreciation for the sacrifices and service of military veterans. In 2017, we launched our annual Veteran Franchise License Giveaway to give veterans the opportunity to jumpstart their journey to business ownership. Last year, Bobby Mounts was the winner of our annual ...
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  • PJ’s Coffee Plans to Build on Strong 2019 Franchise Growth in 2020 and Beyond
    2019 was an exciting, momentous year for all of us at PJ’s Coffee. With steady franchise growth including new franchises awarded and new locations opened, we laid a strong foundation for continued expansion in 2020. In addition to strong franchise growth, we were recognized among our peers in the franchise industry on ...
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  • 3 Reasons for Millennials to Pursue Franchise Ownership

    3 Reasons for Millennials to Pursue Franchise Ownership

    Millennial entrepreneurs bring a diverse range of skills to the table as business owners. They are smart, ambitious and creative. Despite many millennials wanting to start their own business , the idea of opening a franchise often doesn’t come immediately to mind. Franchising allows young entrepreneurs the chance to ...
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  • Why the New Orleans Spirit of PJ's Coffee is a Hit in Markets Across the U.S.
    If someone tells you they are from New Orleans, you immediately have an idea of what to expect. The New Orleans spirit is warm, welcoming, vibrant, genuine and fun. It’s a strong, well-known and respected brand for a city to have, and regardless of where you go in the U.S., people get excited at the mention of “The Big ...
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  • 3 Reasons PJ's Coffee is an Ideal Franchise Opportunity for Veterans
    Franchise systems align very well with the way the United States military is organized, making veterans uniquely qualified to be franchisees. We recognize this, and want to make owing a PJ’s Coffee franchise as simple as possible for our country’s military veterans. First, let’s take a look at just three of the reasons ...
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  • PJ’s Coffee Honors Veterans with Our Third Annual PJ’s Coffee Veteran Franchise License Giveaway
    For the past two years, we have awarded one military veteran a free PJ’s Coffee franchise license. Now, we are happy to announce our annual Veteran Franchise License Giveaway is open to applicants for the third year in a row. We are honored to offer a well-deserving veteran the opportunity to open and run a successful ...
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  • How PJ’s Coffee Franchise Owners Succeed in Non-Traditional Locations
    Of the more than 100 PJ’s Coffee franchise locations, 45 currently operate in non-traditional venues. Non-traditional restaurant franchise development is a way for brands to diversify their footprints and gain traction in areas where there’s built-in foot traffic and consumer demand – and get around limited traditional ...
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  • 4 Things Millennials are Looking for in a Franchise Opportunity
    Millennial entrepreneurs are more fickle than their counterparts in the Generation X and baby boomer generations. While making money is important to them, they’re adamant about finding franchise opportunities that align with their values and sensibilities. Below are four qualities that appeal to millennials in a ...
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