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How PJ’s Coffee Ensures the Quality of its Coffee

A high-quality coffee bean is only part of the recipe needed for a truly great cup of coffee. PJ’s Coffee is committed to providing the best quality coffee to its customers and franchisees to help them build a loyal consumer base. There are many steps that go into making a customer’s morning cup the best […]


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How This PJ’s Franchisee Empowers Women at Work

Many women in the restaurant industry have looked around their workplaces to see that they’re the only woman in a management role, in the kitchen or behind the bar. Kelly Songy’s employees don’t have that issue. “I do try to hire women for management positions,” she said. “Actually, it has kind of naturally evolved that […]


About PJ's CoffeePJ's Coffee Franchisees

4 Operational Secrets to PJ’s Coffee Franchisees’ Successes

PJ’s Coffee has been expanding across the nation and now around the world. Their proven success is possible because of their standardized operations and tried and true processes the coffee franchise brand has put in place.   These operational secrets set new and existing franchisees up for success and ensure the continued growth of the […]


PJ's Coffee Franchisees

How This PJ’s Franchisee Benefits from Non-Traditional Locations

Marc Roberts III is not your average PJ’s franchisee. He owns four PJ’s Coffee locations, with a fifth in development, and all are non-traditional locations. Roberts also owns Robért Fresh Market, home of his non-traditional PJ’s Coffee locations, across the greater New Orleans area.   Franchising Expands Customer Flow   Roberts ran six grocery stores […]


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Top Tips for Operating a Successful Multi-Unit Coffee Franchise

Multi-unit ownership is increasingly becoming the norm within the franchising segment, especially as more franchised restaurants turn away from the owner/operator model. In fact, multi-unit owners now control 76.5 percent of franchised restaurants, according to Entrepreneur. From shared resources to greater purchasing power, there are significant competitive advantages to multi-unit ownership – especially in the […]


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Why a PJ’s Coffee Operations Consultant Chose to Open a Coffee Shop

PJ’s Coffee franchisee Brooke Stampley has been part of the PJ’s family for over nine years. She started out as a barista in high school at one of the local PJ’s shops and eventually worked as a corporate operations consultant. Her latest endeavor with PJ’s is embracing her new role as a franchisee, with plans […]


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PJ’s Coffee of New Orleans Taking “The Soul of Coffee” Around the World

For hundreds of years, New Orleans has created its own unique traditions around food, music and cocktails. The city’s relationship with coffee is no different, fostering a one-of-a-kind tradition. Coffee was originally introduced by the French into the Caribbean and gulf cities, and now, through the Port of New Orleans, the city imports more than […]


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3 Reasons Franchising is the Best Way to Open a Coffee Shop

Have you always dreamed of owning your own coffee shop? There are plenty of benefits, from following your passion to being your own boss to becoming a part of the neighborhood. However, starting up a business can be daunting – especially if you have little-to-no experience in the industry—and even if you do, it can […]


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How PJ’s Coffee Franchise Delivers a True Farm-to-Cup Experience

PJ’s Coffee founder Phyllis Jordan was never much of a coffee drinker until she had a taste of a premium blend. It was a revelation that led PJ herself to commit to providing quality coffee to all of their guests. Quality has never wavered as PJ’s Coffee has formed new partnerships that allow franchisees to […]


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Why Coffee is a Consistently Hot Commodity for PJ’s Franchisees

As the second largest commodity in the world, coffee is in constant demand. It is also one of the most widely consumed beverages in the United States. Sixty-two percent of U.S. consumers reported they had a coffee drink within the past day, according to the National Coffee Association’s 2017 report. Consumption is at an all-time […]