Simply the Best Coffee


Originally introduced in Italy in the mid-to-late 1800's, espresso is made by forcing very hot water under high pressure through finely ground, compacted coffee beans, producing a thicker coffee product than other brewing methods.

It is also known for its "crema", a foam on top that, while coffee itself, has an almost creamy consistency. The coffee beans used in espresso tend to be a darker roast - at PJ's, we roast an Espresso Dolce, a Central and South American blend of classic roasts that produces a coffee that is sweet and smooth, yet strong and quaint, with a deep chocolate flavor that lingers on the palate. We use this roast and method of brewing to make a majority of our lattes, cappuccinos, macchiatos, and of course our carefully drawn espressos.

Hot Drip

Brewed in the traditional American style, our featured selections change daily so you can sample a variety of PJ's Coffees.

The Original Cold Brew Iced Coffee™

PJ's native home of New Orleans, Louisiana is also home to many eclectic originals - it's the birthplace of Jazz music, Mardi Gras Indians, Creole Cooking, Second Line Parades and, happily, PJ's Original Cold Brew.

Phyllis Jordan, our founder and a true innovator, developed and perfected the cold-drip process that we utilize over 35 years ago, by steeping our premium, coarsely-ground coffee beans in water for 24 hours, then carefully draining out the silky smooth, concentrated coffee that is used in many of our iced coffee beverages.

The cold brew is a simple method that brews with time instead of heat, and generates an extremely full bodied, deliciously pure coffee that is 67% less acidic than hot brewed coffee. In addition to being a key ingredient in our delicious Granita beverages, our signature cold brew is the tie that binds our iced coffees, Vienna Cremes, and iced mocha coffees together. Our special, proprietary method of preparation and delivery is so uniquely PJ's, we have trademarked it as the Original Cold Brew. Simply the best iced coffee anywhere.


Born centuries ago in Italy, the granita is the quintessential semi-frozen coffee or fruit drink. The PJ's Granita, however, is anything but ordinary in the busy landscape of frozen cafe beverages. Our crystalline coffee concoction begins with the coarse grounds of our exquisite Espresso Dolce coffee being steeped for 24 hours, then cold dripped along with milk, sugar, and the slightest bit of pure vanilla bean extract into a proprietary blend that is then brought within degrees of freezing, and carefully served from our iconic Granita machines on PJ's premises. If you desire, all-natural avored syrups are then hand-mixed with the granita for you, delivering a wide array of mouth-watering and delicious blends such as caramel, mocha, and white chocolate mocha, or any avor you choose. Our fruit granitas - both kiwi and passion fruit - are also hand-crafted on site using local fruits, along with shaved ice and sugar to create deliciously tart and fresh semi-frozen delights harkening back to their Italian roots. As you will taste, PJ's homemade Granitas separate us from the ordinary, delivering icy, refreshing coffee or fruit beverages beyond compare.

Velvet Ices

If you are searching for a distinctive, delightful break from the ordinary, then PJ's Velvet Ice will be the welcome departure you are looking for in a beverage. For over 20 years, our Velvet Ices have come in a number of varieties, with three original avors - mocha, white mocha, and vanilla - hand-made with our Original Cold BrewTM cold drip Espresso Dolce concentrate, all-natural Ghirardelli chocolate powders, fresh milks, and ice blended together to create a Velvety-smooth treat, perfect for hot summers or for indulging yourself after a hard day's work. As recently as a few years ago, PJ's added Regional, healthy alternatives such as the Chai Velvet Ice, made with delicious spiced Indian Chai, and the Green Tea Velvet Ice, blended expertly with the nest Matcha Powder, to their Velvet Ice arsenal as yet another way to give our customers the variety they desire.


Likely originating in China, tea has a long history in Southeast Asia as well as the rest of the world as a beverage, and even as a medicinal aid, dating back thousands of years ago. Originally named PJ's Coffee & Tea, it's no surprise that we strive to provide the best variety of teas; from hot to iced teas, PJ's utilizes hand- crafted, artisan, whole leaf teas from around the globe. We offer a variety of whole leaf black tea, Jasmine green tea, Chai and even a special, delightful blend of fresh fruit Tea Mixers, wherein we take fresh peaches, mangos, strawberries, apples, and mint and hand mix them with our teas to bring our customers the most unique tea experience in the land.