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  • Key performance indicators are more than a way for coffee shop franchise owners to measure whether they’re meeting specific benchmarks. KPIs function as a way to develop systems and people that enable franchisees to achieve their unique business goals and keep them operating in a manner that supports strong unit-level ...
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  • Coffee shop franchise owners have an advantage over many other businesses. According to the U.S. National Coffee Association‘s National Coffee Drinking Trends report, 64 percent of consumers reported drinking coffee within the past day of when they were surveyed. Demand for coffee, both traditional and gourmet ...
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  • How to Open a Coffee Shop Franchise

    You’ve done your homework on owning a coffee shop with PJ’s and learned: Coffee is a $48 billion industry Demand is strong, with consumption of hot and cold coffee in the United States on the rise Our average unit volume for the top one-third of our locations is $645,194 We’ve experienced four years of same store sales ...
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