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A Day in the Life

What to Expect as a Coffee Franchise Owner

So you’re considering our coffee franchise, becoming your own boss, and embracing a brighter future. We are so excited about your interest! Many prospective owners wonder what a day in the life of a PJ’s Coffee franchise owner entails. Of course, this can vary from day to day and from one location to another, but there are some general, everyday tasks you can expect. The good news is that PJ’s has done a lot of the work for you and created a business model that is easy to follow. We’ve set up systems and processes that help make running your business seamless.

As one of our coffee shop franchise owners, you’ll be the one calling the shots, so your day will look a lot like what you want it to. Our current franchisees love their experience with us because it provides them with so much flexibility and financial freedom while also offering growth and expansion options. Many of our owners choose to open additional units and bring our premium products and services into new markets.

Benefits of Being Your Own Boss

Though every owner is unique, many of PJ’s owners have one thing in common: they love the flexibility of being their own boss. Our coffee franchise is designed to fit many different lifestyles. Many owners find that the more work they put in, the more successful they become, and other owners don’t even see their role as being work. They truly enjoy every aspect of owning a PJ’s thanks to the community feel that our coffee shops create.

Our Comprehensive Training Prepares You for the Everyday

When you join our coffee franchise, you’ll have access to all the training and resources you need to fully understand how to handle the day-to-day tasks that your business will require. From the day you open your doors, you’ll be equipped to confidently handle every aspect of your business. Our multi-level training program includes online and classroom training as well as hands-on training at your own location. We’ll spend time with you and your entire team to make sure everyone is ready to hit the ground running on day one.

Throughout your experience with us, you’ll always have access to operational consulting to assist you with everything from seasonal product rollouts to new operating procedures. Our team creates marketing and promotional campaigns to help get more people through your doors. This allows you to focus on your daily tasks and build lasting relationships with your customers to ensure they always know where to turn for food and beverage in a hospitable environment.

Think you’re a great fit for our coffee franchise? Explore our Ideal Candidates page to learn more about who we are looking for!

A Few More...
  • PJs has provided me with the flexibility to prioritize my day-to-day responsibilities. While demanding, the work/life balance I have been able to obtain while owning my locations is invaluable. PJ’s is a family-oriented brand and that is evident every day - we have great working, as well as personal, relationships with many folks at corporate. It truly is a family centered culture that I am excited to grow with! - Andrew Jones
  • We loved the products and the business model, and it all worked out so well. The ability to work with them is what sets them apart. They are very reasonable people and it’s a solid company. When we went to meet the team, everyone was super kind, and it was very apparent that they provide a ton of support to their franchisees. It’s important to feel like you can always reach out to somebody when needed. - Angela Harmon
  • I think if someone is looking for a franchise opportunity they should find something that fits their lifestyle. If you're a morning person, a coffee business might be good for you. I'm a morning person so waking up at 4 A.M. is fine, the whole 'wake up and smell the coffee' thing - that's me. - Anthony Satterlee
  • I decided to look into coffee and probably spent about 3 years doing the investigation. I decided on PJ's because the quality of the product is just head and shoulders above everybody else. - Tom Lewis
  • It's easy to be successful. You can become part of your community in a way you can't otherwise in a lot of other businesses. I would highly recommend it. - Polly Fisher
  • The best part of being a franchisee is the freedom. It gives you the opportunity to provide for your family, but also be a part of your family. It gives you time to play with your children or take a vacation, but still have a fantastic business. - Kelly Songy
  • I decided owning a PJ's Coffee shop was the way to go. From start to finish, corporate was there for me when I selected a location, ordered equipment and furniture. - Mateusz Dabrowski
  • I fell in love with PJs Coffee and the brand, years before I ever owned a location and now I own two! I wanted a business that, with the right staff, would be able to operate successfully without me having to be there all day every day. PJs coffee gives you that flexibility and freedom. I also love the family atmosphere that corporate provides and the camaraderie between franchisees is wonderful! You are in business for yourself, but not by yourself, and that is a great sense of comfort and security. I love this business!

    - Roxanne DeNicola
PROUD PJ’S FAMILIES Freedom & Flexibility

What would opening a PJ’s Coffee location mean for you, your family, and your future? Something we hear over and over from our owners is how much they love being their own boss - and we support them every step of the way.

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