Recent Posts in September, 2019

  • How We Select the Right Equipment for Efficient Coffee Shop Franchise Operations
    At PJ’s Coffee, we’re known for the quality of our coffee and the careful consideration we put into sourcing it. However, we put equal emphasis on the equipment we select for coffee shop franchise operations. Each franchise location requires the following equipment for efficient and uniform operations across our ...
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  • How PJ’s Coffee Franchise Owners Succeed in Non-Traditional Locations
    Of the more than 100 PJ’s Coffee franchise locations, 45 currently operate in non-traditional venues. Non-traditional restaurant franchise development is a way for brands to diversify their footprints and gain traction in areas where there’s built-in foot traffic and consumer demand – and get around limited traditional ...
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  • A Brew for Every Season: The Impact the Pumpkin Latte has had on the Coffee Industry
    Pumpkin latte season, also known as fall, is well underway, with every coffee shop across the nation brewing beverages based on the seasonal flavor. At PJ’s Coffee, our new Pumpkin Praline Velvet Ice drink, as well as our Pumpkin Latte and Pumpkin Swirl Bread, are providing guests with their pumpkin fix. The demand for ...
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