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How PJ's Coffee Delivers on the Ballard Brands Mission

By: PJ's Coffee

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When our guests walk into a PJ’s Coffee shop, they are expecting a certain standard of product and service. They can confidently know they are going to receive delicious food and beverages with New Orleans’ trademark hospitality. That’s because we hold ourselves to our own high standard – the Ballard Brands Mission.

A product of Ballard Brands – our parent company founded in 2001 – the Ballard Brands Mission is to provide flavorful food, premium beverages and exceptional service to our franchisees, partners, customers and communities.

At PJ’s Coffee, we deliver on the Ballard Brands Mission in every aspect of our business. From our home-brewed menu and stellar service to our ample franchisee support, we maintain a level of excellence across all of our PJ’s Coffee shops.

1. Flavorful Food

The first goal in our Ballard Brands Mission is to supply our guests with delicious food. Like any good coffee shop, we have a number of quick bites available on our PJ’s Coffee menu.

Whether guests are looking for a small breakfast or lunch meal, we have a flavorful solution. From freshly baked muffins and croissants to hot breakfast and lunch sandwiches, our guests can choose the perfect snack to accompany their delicious PJ’s Coffee beverage.

PJ's Coffee and cookies

2. Premium Beverages

While we offer a variety of beverages from flavored teas to trendy limited-time offers (LTOs), most guests are coming to a PJ’s Coffee for one thing: coffee.

We are proud to serve authentic, high quality coffee that raises our menu to the very top of the coffee industry. To ensure our gourmet coffee roasts are bold and fresh, we only use the top 1% of Arabica beans and never let them sit on our shelves for more than 90 days.

Not only are we focused on offering the highest quality coffee, but we are also committed to promoting sustainable sourcing in the coffee industry. Because of this, we obtain all of our coffee beans directly from sustainable farms, such as Finca Terrerito in Honduras and Agua Fresca in Nicaragua. In addition to providing our franchisees and guests with the highest quality coffee beans, our partnership also helps ensure a better quality of life for these farmers in our PJ’s Coffee family.

PJ's Coffee cold brew

3. Exceptional Service

The final but most important part of our Ballard Brands Mission is our exceptional service. Since the first PJ’s Coffee opened in 1978 in New Orleans, we have gathered a fervent fan base with our warm, welcoming and superior service. No matter where a PJ’s Coffee opens, our southern hospitality will always ensure guests are treated like a neighbor, because they are.

Beyond just our guests, however, our exceptional service extends to our franchisees. When we expand our brand with new PJ’s Coffee franchisees, we set them up with all the tools they need to succeed. Whether it’s basic training, store design, product distribution, marketing or ongoing consultation, franchisees will be supported through every stage of opening their own PJ’s Coffee.

Do you want to own a coffee franchise with flavorful food, premium beverages and exceptional service? Contact us today to learn more about the PJ’s Coffee franchise opportunity!