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  • PJ's Coffee Franchisee Succeeds with Community-Focused Marketing
    After moving to Pearland, Texas for her husband’s job, Kyra Sam knew she wanted to switch gears from solely being a stay-at-home mom to her two kids and open her own business. “My husband and I were discussing different businesses that we thought would fit in our community. Our thoughts directly went to the coffee ...
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  • How this PJ’s Coffee Franchisee Pioneered a New Market During COVID-19
    Brittany Willis left a part of her heart in New Orleans when she and her family were forced to evacuate to Dallas after Hurricane Katrina’s impact back in 2005. But, now she is bringing a piece of her hometown to the Dallas market with her first PJ’s Coffee location. While opening up a franchise for the first time is ...
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  • Military Veteran Franchise License Giveaway Recipient Launches his Coffee Franchise
    At PJ’s Coffee, we’re dedicated to showing our appreciation for the sacrifices and service of military veterans. In 2017, we launched our annual Veteran Franchise License Giveaway to give veterans the opportunity to jumpstart their journey to business ownership. Last year, Bobby Mounts was the winner of our annual ...
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  • How this Young Family Navigated Opening a Coffee Shop in a Pandemic
    Jack Stanton was born and raised in New Orleans and had grown up with PJ’s Coffee. “My older sister introduced me to it, probably at a far earlier age than I should’ve been introduced to it,” joked Jack. Since Jack grew up with the brand, he’s always been comfortable with the product, but it wasn’t until we revealed ...
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  • How This Husband and Wife Team Found Success as PJ’s Coffee Franchisees
    Before they would become married, Terri and Charlie Sampey first met as employee and customer. Terri worked in her father's automotive parts business, Herzog's Automotive Parts, Inc., where Charlie was a customer. The two went on to get married and begin working together when Terri’s father hired Charlie to work for ...
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  • 4 Ways PJ’s Coffee Franchisees Give Back to Their Communities
    Community involvement is important for any business. But at PJ’s Coffee, it’s in our DNA. With deep New Orleans roots, southern hospitality and community are at the core of our brand. Our franchisees are dedicated to engaging with their neighbors, and they help support their communities in numerous heartfelt, creative ...
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  • 5 Tips for Coffee Shop Owners, by Coffee Shop Owners

    5 Tips for Coffee Shop Owners, by Coffee Shop Owners

    When performing your due diligence before becoming a coffee shop franchisee, you should ask other coffee shop owners to share their advice. Having been on the front lines, these seasoned PJ’s Coffee franchisees have faced the same challenges and triumphs that novice coffee shop franchisees will encounter. The following ...
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  • PJ’s Coffee Announces Second Annual Veteran Franchise License Giveaway Recipient
    After years of following orders in the U.S. Marine Corps and two different police departments in Louisiana, Bobby Mounts was ready to be his own boss. Franchising, where he could call the shots in his own store while still receiving support, appealed to him. He went with home state-favorite PJ’s Coffee. Or, rather, we ...
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