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Cultivating Guest Loyalty One Cup At A Time At PJ’s Coffee

By: PJ's Coffee

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For many brands – especially emerging ones – creating brand loyalty among consumers is one of the most difficult tasks. However, brand loyalty is incredibly important for coffee and other food brands, since guests tend to establish an emotional connection. PJ’s Coffee has been in business for 40 years and has helped thousands of guests – most of whom are repeat business. Here are a few ways we’ve helped cultivate brand loyalty:

Brewing Better

Guest loyalty begins and ends with the quality of the product – if a guest has a negative first experience with your coffee, they won’t be inclined to come back.

Beautiful Inside Shot Of PJ's Coffee Shop

Founded in 1978, PJ’s Coffee has long been a key player within the coffee industry. We serve a wide variety of hot, iced and frozen coffee beverages using only the top one percent of Arabica beans, in addition to organic tea and fresh breakfast pastries. We brew our iced coffees daily using a special cold brew process that protects the flavor and strength, while making it two-thirds less acidic than regular coffee. Our exceptional products speak for themselves, and we owe much of our impressive brand loyalty to our great product line.

Rewarding Repeat Guests

Not only is it important to have a solid product, it’s just as crucial to reward loyal guests. This will help keep your brand top-of-mind for consumers, as well as encourage them to return to your shops. Many coffee shops and other quick-service restaurants (QSRs) have developed loyalty and rewards programs – like PJ’s Points on our mobile app – that incentivize repeat business by offering discounts and promotions for points.

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Optimizing Operations for Superior Service

With so many options available, guests can easily find a new coffee shop – and they will, if they aren’t getting exceptional products and service. Optimizing your operation systems is paramount in providing great service. Whether your guests are stopping by to get their coffees before work or just taking a mid-day coffee break, they won’t want to wait too long to get their dose of caffeine. By hiring competent baristas, streamlining your processes and ensuring your equipment works efficiently, they won’t have to.

Creating a Community

Aside from quality products and quick service, you also want your coffee brand to have strong, identifiable values and personality. There are plenty of ways to accomplish this. Getting involved in local charities and showing your guests you value them and your community goes a long way toward building brand awareness and loyalty.

Make sure to bring this positive attitude inside your coffee shop as well. No matter how busy you get, your baristas and other employees should always be kind to guests. These regular, daily interactions are what really make an impression on guests – and either put them off or keep them coming back.

With a great product, rewards program, operations and community values, it’s much easier to create a loyal brand following. If you’re interested in a franchise opportunity with built-in guest loyalty, download the PJ’s Coffee franchise brochure today.