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PJ’s Coffee Moves Into 2018 With New Way Of Brewing

By: PJ's Coffee

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Pour-over coffee is the latest trend in the industry, and chances are you’ve seen it popping up in local cafes – soon, even at your local PJ’s Coffee location. Here are a few reasons we love this method, and why we are excited to bring it to our guests in 2018:

Coffee Quality

Despite similar mechanics, drip and pour-over coffee brewers actually produce very different results. Since pour-over coffee is brewed to order, it’s guaranteed fresh. It also oftentimes results in a richer, bolder flavor, since slower pours allow time for the water to pull out more flavor from the grounds.

Close Up Shot Of Freshly Brewed Coffee

Pouring Style and Consistency

Drip brewers can have inconsistent shower heads, meaning some areas of the coffee grounds get too much water, and others, not enough. This makes for an imbalanced, unsatisfying cup of coffee. However, pour-over brewers give the user full control over the pouring of the water, allowing for a much more even dispersion. This typically results in higher quality, more balanced coffee.

Temperature Stability

The ability to reach the right temperature is part of the reason pour-over coffee is so high-quality. Most mid-range drip brewers don’t reach the ideal water temperature range for coffee. Even drip coffee pots that are able to reach the right temperature generally are unable to stay hot – still negatively impacting your final cup. Conversely, pour-over brewers allow for more user control, so the person making the coffee can easily regulate the temperature. PJ’s Coffee locations have invested in equipment that delivers the ideal temperature of water and pouring style – leaving out all the guesswork out of preparing the perfect cup of coffee.

Close Up Show Of PJ's Coffee Being Brewed

Health Benefits

The filters used for the pour-over method of coffee brewing helps trap diterpenes – oily substances found in coffee. These compounds have been shown to block receptors in the intestines that help regulate cholesterol. In fact, drinking unfiltered coffee has been shown to increase cholesterol levels by six to eight percent, according to a study by Science Daily. Paper filters – which are used for pour-over and most drip coffee brews – have proven much more effective at eliminating diterpenes than permanent or cloth filters.

The pour-over brewing method is becoming an increasingly popular option for home enthusiasts and baristas alike. Controlling every variable in the brewing process not only creates a cup that’s suited to one’s unique preferences, but it also brings out more flavors and highlights the character of the coffee.

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