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How Pjs Coffee Ensures the Quality of Its Coffee

By: PJ's Coffee

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A high-quality coffee bean is only part of the recipe needed for a truly great cup of coffee. PJ’s Coffee is committed to providing the best quality coffee to its customers and franchisees to help them build a loyal consumer base.

There are many steps that go into making a customer’s morning cup the best it can be. Here’s some insight into the process:

Sourcing, Shipping and Storing that Ensures Freshness

PJ’s Coffee has a unique partnership with their farm in Honduras, El Terrerito. This relationship not only allows PJ’s to give back, but gives them more control over the coffee beans from farm to cup.

During harvesting, the parchment – the shell on coffee beans – is left on as a natural preservative for the upcoming shipping process. Sometimes nature does its job best, and additionally, this natural method prevents unnecessary artificial additives from coming into contact with the beans. The beans are shipped to the storage facilities in New Orleans within 48 hours to preserve freshness.

El Terrerito Coffee farms

Once in New Orleans, the beans are kept in a temperature controlled warehouse. Felton Jones, PJ’s Coffee Roastmaster, says that each step of the process is important.

“To get our coffee as fresh as possible each step is crucial. The shipping and storage set us up for success at the roasting stage,” said Jones.

PJ’s Coffee Roasted to Perfection

Jones oversees the beans through the whole sourcing process, but one of the most important steps is roasting the beans. PJ’s Coffee roasts their beans in small batches to ensure an even, flavorful brew. The roast process also allows new development of flavors and processes.

After the beans are roasted, they are cooled down with triple filtered water. Using filtered water reduces the amount of impurities that come into contact with

Coffee beans being mixed​\

The Ideal Brewing Process

The last step in the PJ’s Coffee quality assurance process is the brewing. Whether this happens at a PJ’s Coffee or in your home, the freshness of the beans will come through. At PJ’s locations, machines are equipped with timers to show when coffee was made and alert baristas of freshness.

New techniques and processes are constantly tested to ensure freshness and quality, both in roasting and brewing in the PJ’s stores.

“We’re testing some new techniques that ensure a fresher brew, and I’m excited for them to be rolled out,” said Jones. “New processes keep our coffee fresher for customers, and it keeps us fresh too.”

Interior of PJ's Coffee

New pour over techniques will be introduced at PJ’s Coffee locations in 2018. The constantly monitored coffee bean process and introduction of new flavors gives customers fresh new options to choose from every time they visit a PJ’s Coffee location. With PJ’s providing high value products, franchisees are able to keep up customer loyalty and entice new customers with consistently high-quality coffee and an innovative menu.

If you’re interested in joining a brand with high-quality processes and products, download our franchise brochure today.