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Why 2022 Is the Year to Become a Coffee Shop Franchisee

By: PJ's Coffee

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As one of the world’s largest commodities, coffee is a favorable market to investors that shows no signs of slowing down. As of 2020, the coffee market had already topped $100 billion and experts forecast a 4.28% compound annual growth rate throughout 2026.

At PJ’s Coffee, we’ve been brewing America’s favorite beverage for over 40 years. As we take a look at the new year ahead, it’s easy to see why PJ’s Coffee is a popular choice for investors looking to break into the QSR business.

A Forward-Thinking Corporate Team

As trends change throughout the years, it is important for a franchise to be constantly innovating. PJ’s Coffee does just that– from our flexible franchise model to our menu.

When the COVID-19 pandemic began, it fueled an already-growing trend: the on-the-go lifestyle. Customers want to be able to purchase their favorite items quickly and easily. Between mobile ordering through our app and pickup and delivery options, we’re always coming up with new ways to meet our guests’ demands. 

Over the years, our non-traditional locations have become a popular model. We have over 50 non-traditional locations featured on college campuses, in hotels, airports, casinos, healthcare facilities, and office buildings. We’ve also created a drive-thru only model specifically for customers on the go.

These models allow for franchisees to join a recognizable brand with high-quality products, all while saving time and money. Nontraditional locations require less space and less employees, saving on rent, utility bills and labor costs. Many have shorter hours and require less back-and-forth for managers, saving on operational costs and streamlining processes altogether.

As for our menu, we piloted our beignets initiative in 2021, which performed exceedingly well across many locations. As a result, PJ’s beignets are being rolled out system-wide this year. Beignets are fried, French pastries that go extremely well with… you guessed it, coffee. They are a staple in New Orleans and will add to the “southern flare” our brand is centered around.

Not only will this new product line bring in new customers, but it will also increase sales as customers order their favorite beverages with their beignets. During the testing process, it increased our average ticket sales by 15%. Our beignets are made fresh to order and give PJ’s Coffee a major leg up on the competition, as no other coffee franchise sells them.

A Coffee Franchise Focused on Health and Sustainability

Of course, another growing consumer trend is an increased focus on health and wellness. Recent statistics state that 64% of consumers base their decisions on which foods or beverages to buy based on how healthy they are. Dairy-free alternatives are on the rise, and we are proud to offer a custom ordering experience, including almond, coconut and soy milk alternatives that can be used in any of our beverages.

Our Farm-to-Cup initiative is one of our main differentiators from other franchise brands. According to a recent report, 32% of U.S. consumers would rather support companies that are operating more sustainably.

We source our coffee directly from our farms in Honduras and Nicaragua. Plus, all of our locations use only the top 1% of specialty Arabica beans. Our direct trade partnerships are what allow us to remain sustainable and conscious of the products we are serving our guests, as we know exactly where all our coffee beans come from and how they are processed.

A Record of Happy Franchisees and National Recognition

When it comes to opening a PJ’s Coffee franchise, we let our franchisees and their actions speak for themselves. Not only do we have a high renewal rate, but many of our franchisees go on to open multiple units.

Our franchise partners come from all walks of life, and we are proud to have an increasing number of female, minority and veteran-owned locations. In 2021, we signed over 60 new franchises representing 110 licenses.  We also achieved a system-wide 19% same-store sales increase compared to 2020. 

We’ve recently been named a Top 50 Franchise by Franchise Business Review and recognized by Entrepreneur as #280 on the 2022 Franchise 500 Ranking, #109 of the Top Franchises for Veterans, #95 on the Fastest-Growing Franchises in the U.S. and Canada and #5 on the Top Food Franchises in the coffee sector. 

Of course, there’s no better recognition than what comes from our franchisees:

“I love the family atmosphere that corporate provides and the camaraderie between franchisees is wonderful! You are in business for yourself, but not by yourself, and that is a great sense of comfort and security,” said Roxanne DeNicola, a multi-unit franchisee in Louisiana.

Are you looking to grow your portfolio with a unique and successful franchise selling one of the world’s top commodities? Contact us today to learn more about opening a PJ’s Coffee in your area.

  • $1,042,644*

    Average Unit
    Volume (AUV)

  • 19.8%

    4-year Same-Store

    Sales Increase

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Learn More About Our Available Markets

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Investment Tiers
  • Traditional Model

    A larger scaled PJ's with a full service menu offering located within a strip mall or free-standing building likely featuring a drive-thru.

    • Size: 650sqft - 2,000sqft
    • Initial Franchise Fee: $35K
    • Initial Investment: $459,000- $1,152,000
  • Non-Traditional Model

    A smaller scaled PJ's possibly with a limited menu offering located within another business - College/University Campuses, Healthcare Facilities, Hotels, Government Facilities, Military Bases, Airports, Shopping Malls, Etc.

    • Size: 250sqft - 1,000sqft
    • Initial Franchise Fee: $25K
    • Initial Investment: $228,000 - $511,000
  • Multi-Unit Option Agreements

    PJ's offers opportunities to enter into a Multi-Unit Option Agreement to develop multiple PJ's over a specified development schedule in a designated market. The initial franchise fee for the first PJ’s location is $35,000. Subsequent PJ’s Units receive a reduced franchise fee. The fee for each PJ’s Unit numbered two or greater is $10,000.

  • Master Franchise Agreements

    PJ's offers opportunities to International Franchisees to enter into a Master Franchise Agreement to develop multiple PJ's over a specified development schedule in a designated country or countries.

    • Initial Master Franchise Fee: $250k minimum (Varies depending on size of country or countries)
    • Total Investment: Varies depending on the number of PJ's developed
A Few More...
  • PJs has provided me with the flexibility to prioritize my day-to-day responsibilities. While demanding, the work/life balance I have been able to obtain while owning my locations is invaluable. PJ’s is a family-oriented brand and that is evident every day - we have great working, as well as personal, relationships with many folks at corporate. It truly is a family centered culture that I am excited to grow with! - Andrew Jones
  • We loved the products and the business model, and it all worked out so well. The ability to work with them is what sets them apart. They are very reasonable people and it’s a solid company. When we went to meet the team, everyone was super kind, and it was very apparent that they provide a ton of support to their franchisees. It’s important to feel like you can always reach out to somebody when needed. - Angela Harmon
  • I think if someone is looking for a franchise opportunity they should find something that fits their lifestyle. If you're a morning person, a coffee business might be good for you. I'm a morning person so waking up at 4 A.M. is fine, the whole 'wake up and smell the coffee' thing - that's me. - Anthony Satterlee
  • I decided to look into coffee and probably spent about 3 years doing the investigation. I decided on PJ's because the quality of the product is just head and shoulders above everybody else. - Tom Lewis
  • It's easy to be successful. You can become part of your community in a way you can't otherwise in a lot of other businesses. I would highly recommend it. - Polly Fisher
  • The best part of being a franchisee is the freedom. It gives you the opportunity to provide for your family, but also be a part of your family. It gives you time to play with your children or take a vacation, but still have a fantastic business. - Kelly Songy
  • I decided owning a PJ's Coffee shop was the way to go. From start to finish, corporate was there for me when I selected a location, ordered equipment and furniture. - Mateusz Dabrowski
  • I fell in love with PJs Coffee and the brand, years before I ever owned a location and now I own two! I wanted a business that, with the right staff, would be able to operate successfully without me having to be there all day every day. PJs coffee gives you that flexibility and freedom. I also love the family atmosphere that corporate provides and the camaraderie between franchisees is wonderful! You are in business for yourself, but not by yourself, and that is a great sense of comfort and security. I love this business!

    - Roxanne DeNicola
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