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Who is the Ideal PJ’s Coffee Franchisee?

By: PJ's Coffee

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Every PJ’s Coffee franchisee takes a different journey to get to where they are. Our owners come from all kinds of backgrounds – from nursing to finance to restaurants.

As PJ’s Coffee continues to grow nationally and internationally, we’re not looking for cookie-cutter franchisees. We don’t require a background in coffee, restaurants or business ownership. What we do look for is a spark, a passion for coffee and for people.

The ideal PJ’s franchisee is someone who embodies our brand’s core values: Passion, hospitality and community. Our franchisees don’t look the same or think the same, but together, they build a brand that’s bringing the soul of coffee and the spirit of New Orleans to the world.


Grinding Coffee Beans Process

The ideal PJ’s Coffee franchisee is passionate about coffee and about the PJ’s brand. As PJ’s Chief Development Officer David Mesa points out, you don’t have to be a connoisseur to love coffee and love sharing it with others. Coffee is more than a drink – it’s an experience to be shared.

“This is about so much more than slinging coffee. The people who get that, those are the people we want on board,” Mesa said. “We have gourmet, premium coffee. Our customers know our coffee tastes better than the place down the street. But beyond that, they enjoy the experience.”

There’s a lot to love about the PJ’s brand – its focus on quality, upbeat environment and New Orleans roots, to name a few. PJ’s wants to partner with people who feel excited about the unique vibe our shops offer.


If we had to boil the spirit of New Orleans down to one word (a difficult task, we assure you), it would be “hospitality.”

To us, hospitality means taking pride in giving to others. Our owners take pride in the quality of their coffee beans and roasting techniques, their excellent customer service and the welcoming atmosphere in their shops. It brings them genuine joy to brighten a neighbor’s day.

Hospitality also has a festive connotation. We want our coffee houses to be infused with that signature New Orleans celebratory spirit, so we look for franchisees with an upbeat personality and a zest for life.

At PJ’s, coffee is not just a mindless part of a morning routine. Coffee is something to be savored, and coffee houses are places to relax and connect with others. A strong commitment to hospitality and top-notch service help guests feel at home.


Spilled Coffee Beans Next to a Cup of Coffee

There are 41 PJ’s Coffee locations in the New Orleans area. Our brand has become part of the city’s neighborhoods, and we want to take that dynamic with us as we expand into new places.

PJ’s is known for its longtime regulars, and we encourage all franchisees to build these lasting relationships. Learn customers’ names, ask about their families, and go the extra mile when they’re having a rough day. Our focus on building community has turned our coffee shops into gathering places for neighborhoods in New Orleans and beyond.

These relationship skills are important for interacting with customers, but also for interacting with company leadership and other franchisees. Partnering with a franchise brand is kind of like a marriage. Problems will inevitably arise – it’s how you communicate about these problems that counts.

PJ's Coffee Shop Serving Their Customers

PJ’s looks for franchisees with integrity and strong communication skills. This makes it easier to navigate the challenges and opportunities of business ownership as a team. Our franchising process is longer than average by design. We want to really get to know candidates to see if they have the necessary drive, flexibility and willingness to learn.

Are there hard skills that come in handy as a PJ’s franchisee? Of course. Prior management experience is great, as well as a background in the food and beverage industry. However, our main concern is finding people with passions, personalities and goals that fit with ours.

“We want individuals who see owning a coffee shop as a dream job,” Mesa said. “We have high-level executives calling us and saying that they aspire to own a coffee shop. And that’s because they recognize the social aspect of it. It’s a place for the community to gather.”

As we approach our 100th PJ’s Coffee location, we’re excited to continue building strong communities and serving gourmet coffee, with the help of a network of passionate, talented business owners. If owning your community’s go-to coffee shop sounds like a dream job, download our franchise brochure today.