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Forty Years Of Trendsetting At PJ’s Coffee

By: PJ's Coffee

Category:Coffee Industry News and Trends

Trend followers pivot quickly to keep up with consumers’ changing demands. Trendsetters like PJ’s Coffee founder Phyllis Jordan didn’t need to anticipate the next consumer craze – they created it.

PJ’s pioneered gourmet coffee before there was an artisan cafe on every corner, and now, PJ’s is continuing to improve its famous New Orleans Original Cold Brew™ while other coffee vendors are scrambling to get on board.

The Cold Brew Craze

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Cold brew started to gain popularity nationwide about a decade ago, but New Orleans coffee roasters have been perfecting the unique method since the Civil War. When a Union blockade cut off deliveries of coffee beans to the city’s port, its inhabitants did what any coffee-lover would do: They made coffee anyway. They picked up the French method of brewing cold, milky coffee with chicory root, and New Orleans cold brew was born.

More than 100 years later, when Phyllis Jordan decided to start her own coffee house, she made sure that her city’s special cold brew was a staple. She spearheaded a method that let her brew fresh, iced coffee daily using a special cold-drip process. This process protected the flavor and strength of the beans, and made the end product significantly less acidic than regular coffee. To this day, PJ’s still uses this method to create its silky cold brew. It takes time and precision, but the end product is worth it.

Cold brew will continue to top coffee trends in 2018, and it’s still gaining momentum. Cold brew coffee boosts café sales during summer months and draws in a younger crowd that loves its inherent sweetness and customizable flavors. It also helps attract “general coffee” consumers to the specialty coffee market.

The cold brew craze has even extended to home brew products. PJ’s now sells Cold Brew Bean Bags so enthusiasts can steep their own cold brew right in their kitchens. Mix the slow-steeped concentrate with equal parts milk for an extra creamy concoction.

Innovating into the Future

As consumer preferences change and the coffee industry evolves, PJ’s will keep innovating, improving and bringing our beloved brews and blends to fans. In 2018, PJ’s will roll out its new pour-over technique, which lets customers order the freshest cups of the blends they want. Trends and technology will always change, but PJ’s commitment to high quality, superb taste and unique blends remains the same.

PJ’s Coffee has been a trendsetter in the coffee industry since 1978. If you want to run a coffee house with a loyal customer base and an esteemed brand, download our franchise brochure today.