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How To Get Your Employees Excited About Your Coffee Brand

By: PJ's Coffee

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About 51 percent of the American workforce doesn’t feel engaged at work. Unmotivated employees resort to doing the bare minimum. This often leads to lost productivity and poor customer service. For PJ’s franchisees, this situation can spell disaster for your location.

Your employees interact with customers on a daily basis and represent your brand. It’s important to create an enjoyable environment for your staff in order to keep them fulfilled and engaged. Not only will this increase employee morale, it also improves customer service and store productivity.

These tips will help get your employees excited about your brand and what it represents.

Create a Two-Way Street

Create a two-way street for communication – just like you give employees feedback, let them offer suggestions and voice their frustrations. Open communication reduces tension and emphasizes the importance of teamwork on the road to success.

PJ's Coffee Staff

Employees who feel their opinions and contributions are valued produce higher results. Ninety-three percent of employees say feeling valued motivated them to do their best at work. Recognizing employee effort and achievements creates a positive company culture and can entice new hires.

Additionally, people who feel comfortable at work are more likely to pursue a long-term career path with the company.

Offer Opportunities to Grow

Give your employees a chance to learn and grow in their roles. Investing in employees by cultivating skills shows your dedication as an employer and boosts employee loyalty.

PJ’s Coffee offers online barista instruction, with additional opportunities available through the Bean Program. Each level – bronze, silver and gold bean status – indicates the training level of a barista. These levels create incentives to learn more and advance.

Baristas also have opportunities to get Specialty Coffee Association (SCA) certifications, in addition to the PJ’s Bean Program.

Opportunities like these promote employee growth and skill-building, which increase both job satisfaction and product quality.

Stay Consistent

Create consistent policies, brand values and goals. Keeping these ideas consistent makes it easier for employees to engage with them. A franchise brand like PJ’s Coffee assists with this through corporate training and top-down branding. Additionally, consistently enforcing policies helps create order at your business.


Stable policies ease strain on leadership and bolster employees’ respect for their managers. This relationship allows management to build trust and focus on employees’ personal and professional development. Overall, strong working relationships create a safe space for employees and help them buy into the brand and its vision.

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