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3 Unconventional Tips to Improve Coffee Shop Operations

By: PJ's Coffee

Category:Coffee Franchise Insights

As a dedicated business owner, you’re always looking for ways to enhance your coffee shop.

You’ve likely put plenty of thought into cost-saving measures and marketing tactics – but have you considered all the ways your team can help grow your business?

A strong team is a coffee shop owner’s greatest weapon. Your employees connect face-to-face with customers and drive repeat business every day. By putting some time and energy toward initiatives that set them up for success, you benefit your shop as a whole.

Here are three tips for coffee shop owners who want to improve operations by investing in their teams:

  1. Create consistent schedules


An unpredictable work schedule fuels high turnover. Consistent schedules, on the other hand, give employees stability. Employees that can plan their lives around predictable schedules are more likely to stay. Consistent schedules also give your team members more opportunities to build relationships with customers, since regular customers know which barista to expect on a given day.

As you put together a fixed weekly schedule, talk with team members about their scheduling needs. Flexible scheduling is a huge selling point for your employment brand, particularly among millennial employees.

  1. Promote product consistency


In the coffee industry, product consistency is paramount – but difficult to achieve. You can help your team members produce consistently by providing thorough training and regular check-ins.

Regular taste tests are a great way to ensure your products meet your standards. Have a team member make you a drink, then check that the taste and quality are on point. These taste tests don’t need to be confrontational – make them fun by offering small rewards for taste tests passed, and take the opportunity to educate team members and help them improve.

Another helpful measure is to schedule new baristas to work alongside more experienced ones. That way, newbies learn your particular shop’s approach to different drinks from a seasoned expert.

  1. Tailor customer service protocol


At a coffee shop, you’re selling more than beverages. Customers visit coffee shops to unwind, meet with friends or get work done. They pay for the environment – the experience.

This dynamic should inform your customer service protocol. At the average coffee bar, there are many missed opportunities for above-and-beyond customer service. Put your team in the right headspace by reminding them to consider why customers visit your shop and how they can enhance that experience.

Additionally, provide a clear definition of what good customer service looks like at your business. Let baristas know what’s expected of them – and what’s not expected. For example, if you demand that baristas smile and laugh and customers’ jokes, you might end up with some burned out employees. Putting some expectations and healthy boundaries in writing helps your team stay focused on excellent service and high-quality products.

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